Bhutanese Community in Harrisburg PA

Bhutanese Community in Harrisburg

Bhutanese Community in Harrisburg is established as a non-profit corporation on Nov 30th 2011.After several interactions and meetings with Bhutanese youths and Bhutanese people,there is no other alternative for mutual cooperation and mutual help among the Bhutanese people.A group of kindhearted volunteer started taking citizenship classes and interpretation training looking forward to help our community people of low or no English background.

Bhutanese people started living in Harrisburg since 2008,after spending 18 years of miserable life in Refugee camps in Nepal.There were more than 17 bileteral talks between government of Bhutan and Nepal to solve the issues of Bhutanese people living in the camps.Bhutanese refugee's organizations tried their level best to attract the international community to help us repratriate to our country Bhutan.Inspite of such attempts to help us return to our country,we spent our undesirable and unmanaged refugee life in the refugee camps.Finally,international community saw us and provided us with an alternative for third country settlement.Bythe time most of the educated and farsighted Bhutanese people grabbed the oppurtunity and come to this country for permanent resettelement and the  process is still going on.

Back in 1990,some of our university students requested Bhutan government to maintain human right because the government was abducting our rights to culture,rights to religion,rights to education,rights to business,and rights to communication.Knowing that,Bhutan government started taking our leaders to jail,killed many of them in the jail,started abducting our girls for their pleasure,and started banning to wear cloths of choice.The government started closing the school where we were studying.When our parents beg the government for our education,our parents and all other nepali speaking people were threaten to leave the country with 15 days ultimatum.So, since 1990 our people were expelled from the country and India government threw us to Nepal to spent our refugee life.

We now,wanted to let the world know that Bhutan government was not fair and still our people living their has not got their human rights.We kept our organization's name Bhutanese Community in Harrisburg not because we like Bhutan government, but to let our generation know what their parents story was and how were their parents treated by the government of Bhutan.We also wanted to let our generation know about our miserable life in the refugee camps in Nepal,how were we confined in a restricted area in the refugee camps in Nepal.We spent our refugee life in the refugee camps for more than 18 years under the tree.International community had asked Nepal to settle us there because we have same language,but Nepal government always wanted us to stay in the camps as refugee.They were oposing for third country settlement,but due to international pressure they could not stop us for our settlement.We would like to introduce ourselves as Bhutanese people because we would like to let the Bhutan government konw we are everywhere.We would like to let the world know that we spent our miserable life in the refugee camps with no reason.Bhutan government still cheating the international community saying that we are not Bhutanese,fot that reason we would like to keep saying we are bhutanese.

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Adress: 4905 Haverford Rd. APT B

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